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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dia Menjadi Pilihan..


My spirit was back when I was watching Pertandingan Akhir Akademi Al-Quran Musim Ke-5 last night which was held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).. Deep in my heart, I always pray to Allah..Ask Him to give me a chance to be like learn what they had learned..Allah willing..

Let me introduce to all of you the finale of Akademi Al-Quran 5

There were the great participants who had performed last night:

1) Mohamad Husaini Mahmur, 19 years old, from Negeri Sembilan

At a young age, he was able to master one part of knowledge of Al-Quran..subhanallah..feels ashamed of him..hukhuk..

2) Mohd Syahriansyah Apin, 25 years old, Sabah

3) Muhamad Nasir Mohamad Salleh, 21 years old, Selangor

4) Suhailah Zulkifly, 22 years old, from Melaka

She was the only single female participant in the competition..I like..=)

Let us recall the contestants that have been successful in Akademi Al-Quran
There were...

Anuar Hasin (juara AQ1)
Abdullah Fahmi Che Nor (juara AQ2)
Fakhrul Radzi Khamaruddin (juara AQ3)
Ahmad Tirmizi Ali (juara AQ4)

And the latest one..

Mohd Syahriansyah Apin (juara AQ5)

I hope more such programs will be displayed instead of Akademi Fantasia, Mentor and etc..Nothing more to say..I'm excited rite now..May Allah bless me and u to guys..=)

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